Wednesday, April 7, 2010

welcome to langkawi

welcome to langkawi..interesting island for holiday..

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant

This novel themed restaurant caters to tourists visiting Langkawi who can select their own live seafood from the restaurant's tanks or even catch them with rods and reels provided in the adjoining fish farm.

Mountain Raya

Rising to a height of 881 metres, Gunung Raya is the tallest natural feature on Langkawi. The mountain is believed to be the cursed form of a giant, known as Mat Raya, who once lived on the island. Untouched and covered with dense jungle, it has become the favourite destination for the adventurous. Trekking from a recreational site such as Lubuk Sembilang to the peak is simply magnificent but taking a guide along is advisable. A telecommunications station is accessible via a small road leading to the top.

Telaga Harbour Park

Welcome to Telaga Harbour - a brand new gateway and destination for the many yachts plying the region. This safe and sheltered harbour that has evolved from a small fishing village, feature a self-contained township accessible both by road and sea. The facilities and services available also make it an ideal destination for transient, and home base to yachts of various sizes including mega yachts. The on water activity and yachts berthed at the harbour will provide picturesque background to the harbour, creating a lifestyle and attracting tourism. Telaga Harbour Park is the one and only such harbour town within the region.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lake of Pregnant Maiden

Located about 17km from Kuah town, this large freshwater lake carries yet another legend. The story is that once a barren maiden drank from the waters of this lake, and soon after was blessed with a child. Today, the lake attracts hopeful couples from all over the world, both for its mythical powers as well as the untouched beauty of this lake. The lake is about 17km from Kuah town and separated from the sea by a thin, limestone ridge. Some climbing is required to reach this spot.